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March 9, 1804

Clark records the weather and notes that the morning was cloudy at their winter camp on the Wood River. No other journal entries for this day are known to exist.

Cloudy in the morning

William Clark
Broadax leaning against a Cottonwood tree

March 9, 1805

Clark travels 5 miles up the river to visit the party making the new pirogues. On the way, he visits with Le Borgne, or One Eye, a notorious Hidatsa chief who is heading down the river. Lewis also entertains Le Borgne at Fort Mandan.

walked up to See the Party that is makeing Perogues....found them nearly finished, the timber verry bad

William Clark
Dugout canoe about 1/4 completed

March 9, 1806

Bratton needs another liniment and flannel treatment for his sore back. Several men are sent to retrieve the elk shot by the hunters yesterday. Shields begins making elk hide bags to keep Clark's papers dry when they leave Fort Clatsop.

Sergt. Pryor and the fishing party not yet arrived, suppose they are detained by the winds.
we set Shields at work to make some sacks of Elk skin to contain various articles.

Meriwether Lewis
Flat bag made of dark leather