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March 2, 1804

The expedition continues to wait until they can journey up the Missouri River. The Weather Diary represents the only extant journal entries or notes for this day.

day of
at Sun
weather wind Therm
at 4
weather wind r.
& f.
2 11 b 0 f N W 22 a 0   E f   3

William Clark
Candle mold with six long metalic cylinders

March 2, 1805

The day is pleasant and the winter ice continues to break up. Antoine Larocque brings news that Simon McTavish, the head of the North West Company, has died. His company has merged with the XY Company.

Mr. L informs us the N, W. & X Y Companies have joined, & the head of the N W. Co. is Dead    Mr. McTavish of Monteral,—

William Clark
Painting of Simon McTavish

March 2, 1806

Drouillard, Cruzatte, and Weiser bring sturgeon, candlefish, and wapato to Fort Clatsop, and the men enjoy eating something other than poor elk. Lewis hopes the food will help the sick recover quicker.

late this evening Drewyer arrived with a most acceptable supply of fat Sturgeon, fresh Anchovie…and Wappetoe.
we feasted on Anchovies and Wappetoe.

Meriwether Lewis
Small silver fish and Wapato bulbs on a sturgeon filet