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February 28, 1804

The expedition continues to wait for spring at their winter camp on the Wood River. Clark records the weather, and Lewis notes that it snowed most of the day.

began to Snow and Continued all day

William Clark
Thomas Jefferson peace medal

February 28, 1805

Men from the North West Company bring news of Indian conflicts to Lewis and Clark at Fort Mandan. Several men travel 6 miles upriver and begin cutting the cottonwood trees that will be shaped into pirogues.

this root is found on high lands and asent of hills, the way of useing it is to Scarify the part when bitten to chu or pound an inch or more if the root is Small, and applying it to the bitten part renewing it twice a Day. the bitten person is not to chaw nor Swallow any of the Root for it might have contrary effect.

William Clark
Large flower with orange cone and purple petals

February 28, 1806

The elk hunters are successful and efforts begin to bring the meat to Fort Clatsop. Indians bring fish and roots, but ask for too much in trade. The Captains write about the white-tailed jackrabbit and the local rabbits.

Kus ke-lar a Clatsop man, his wife and a Small boy (a Slave, who informed me was his Cook, and offerd to Sell him to me for beeds & a gun) visited us to day
they brought Some anchovies, Sturgeon, a beaver robe, and Some roots for Sale

William Clark
Beaver hide, wapato, sturgeon, and smelt