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February 15, 1804

The Expedition continues to wait for spring at their winter camp on the Wood River. Lewis observes the weather and sees immense quantities of swans in the marshes.

immence quantities of Swan, in the marra—

Meriwether Lewis
Flock of swans in a marsh

February 15, 1805

Lewis, 20 volunteers, and a few Mandan's, leave at sunrise in pursuit of the Indians that stole horses and knives the previous day. They travel 30 miles, but do not find them.

At day light, Captain Lewis & the party of our Men under his command left the Fort, in pursuit of those Savages, that had robbed our Men, they proceeded on, and marched 30 Miles that day, without being able to overtake them; that Party encamped on the North side of the River Mesouri for that night, in a thick Wood.— Nothing worth relating happen'd at the Fort this day

Joseph Whitehouse
Pair of shoes near a bunk in a log cabin for

February 15, 1806

Gibson is carried back to Fort Clatsop but is recovering quickly from his illness. The Captains describe Indian horses and their availability for trade. They also list the other four-footed mammals they have encountered.

3 P. M. Bratten arived from the Saltworks, and informed us that Serjt. Pryor and party were on their way with gibson in a litter.
After Dark Sergt. Pryor arrived with Gibson. we are much pleased in findeing him by no means as ill as we had expected.

William Clark
Sandy beach with seaweed and stormy clouds