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February 14, 1804

The expedition continues to wait for spring at their winter camp on the Wood River. Lewis observes the weather and says the Mississippi River ice has yet to break up.

but little drift ice, the Misipi is not broken up.

Meriwether Lewis
Dipped candles drying

February 14, 1805

Four men are sent to retrieve cached meat. About 25 miles from the fort, a band of Indians steals their horses. They return to the fort very late in the evening, and Lewis organizes 20 men to set out in pursuit.

Four men set out early with the horses and sleds to bring home our meat; and had gone down about 25 miles when a party of Indians (they did not know of what nation) came upon them and robbed them of their horses one of which they gave back, and went off without doing the men any further injury. The same night the men came back and gave information of what had happened. At midnight Captain Lewis called for twenty volunteers who immediately turned out.

Patrick Gass
Historic painting of a Sioux warrior with battle axe and bison robe

February 14, 1806

The men at Fort Clatsop continue tanning hides and sewing clothes in preparation for their trip home. Clark completes a map from St. Louis to the Pacific ocean, and the Captains consider the best route across the continent.

We are very uneasy with rispect to our sick men at the salt works.

Meriwether Lewis

I compleated a map of the Countrey through which we have been passing from the Mississippi at Mouth of Missouri to this place.

William Clark
A small portion of Clark's map published in 1814