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February 13, 1804

The Expedition continues to wait for spring at their winter camp on the Wood River. Lewis observes the weather, the return of the Great blue heron, and notices that the sugar maple sap is running.

the fist appearance of the blue crain, sugar trees run

Meriwether Lewis
Large Heron standing in a marsh

February 13, 1805

Clark, having returned to Fort Mandan previous night, summarizes his past hunting trip. The blacksmith is shoeing horses so that they can be used to haul the meat he left behind.

visited by the Black-Cat gave him a battle ax with which he appeared much gratifyed.—

Meriwether Lewis
Historic painting of a Mandan chief with Missouri war axe

February 13, 1806

The men at Fort Clatsop continue sewing moccasins in preparation for their trip home. The Captains write about the sword fern, deer fern, and seashore saltgrass.

There are also two species of firn which are common to this country beside that formerly discribed of which the natives eat the roots. these from their disparity in point of size I shall designate the large and small firn. both species continue green all winter.—

Meriwether Lewis
Fern with small leaves framed by two large sword fern leave