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February 12, 1804

The Expedition continues to wait for spring at their winter camp on the Wood River. Lewis makes observations about the weather and migrating birds.

Pigeons, ducks of varis kinds, and gese have returned

Meriwether Lewis
Canada Goose

February 12, 1805

Lewis discovers that the horses prefer the Mandan feed of cottonwood sticks over the bran meal he had given them. Clark and his hunting party return to Fort Mandan a little after dark.

at night the Horse returned to his stall where his food is what seems to me a scanty allowance of wood. under these circumstances it would seem that their horses could not long exist or at least could not retain their flesh and strength, but the contrary is the fact, this valuable anamall under all those disadvantages is seldom seen meager or unfit for service.

Meriwether Lewis
Two small pieces of a cottonwood tree

February 12, 1806

Today is another rainy day at Fort Clatsop near present Astoria, Oregon. A Clatsop Indian brings 3 dogs as payment for the elk meat that he and others had taken. The Captains describe the Oregon grape and the dull Oregon grape.

This day was rainey & wet, An Indian came to our fort & staid during last night; this Indian sold one of our Men a Sea otter skin.

Joseph Whitehouse
Front gate of Fort Clatsop on a rainy day