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February 11, 1804

The Expedition continues to wait for spring at their winter camp on the Wood River. Lewis makes observations about the weather, migrating swans, and that the sap is running in the sugar maple trees.

Swans from the N. The sugar maple runs freely

Meriwether Lewis
Maple tree with large green leaves

February 11, 1805

Sacajawea goes into painful labor. After Lewis gives her a small dose of rattlesnake rattle, she delivers her first child, a boy named Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.

about five oclock this evening one of the wives of Charbono was delivered of a fine boy.

Meriwether Lewis
Statue of Sacajawea with Jean-Baptiste on her back

February 11, 1806

Sgt. Pryor leads a party of five to bring the sick Gibson back to Fort Clatsop. Sgt. Gass and 2 hunters spend a wet night outdoors. The Captains write about berries: Oregon grape, Pacific blackberry, and the Evergreen huckleberry.

sent Sergt Pryor with a party of four men to bring Gibson to the fort.
also sent Colter and Wiser to the Salt works to carry on the business with Joseph Fields

Meriwether Lewis
Tillamook Head, ocean, sunny day