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February 4, 1804

Mississippi and Missouri river ice causes water levels to rise, and the keelboat is carried up the Wood River. Clark, still sick, attends to a disciplinary matter.

Discharge Leakens for theift with a Small Correction
the River & Creek rised Suffecent to take the boat up the Creek some distance    moderate day    I am verry Sick    wild fowl pass

William Clark
Back of a large keelboat on a cloudy day

February 4, 1805

The temperature drops to 18° below 0. Both the Mandan and Expedition men are without meat. Clark organizes a hunting party that will travel several miles south of Fort Mandan over the next several days.

our stock of meat which we had procured in the Months of November & December is now nearly exhausted; a supply of this articles is at this moment peculiarly interesting as well for our immediate consumption, as that we may have time before the approach of the warm season to prepare the meat for our voyage in the spring of the year.

Meriwether Lewis
nearly empty bowl of elk jerky

February 4, 1806

The Captains write about the coastal evergreen plants growing around Fort Clatsop. The Salal berry is a main part of the Chinook diet. The Sitka spruce is described. Several men are making or mending moccasins and clothes.

A Clear plesant morning.

Joseph Whitehouse
Blue sky reflecting on a coastal river