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January 15, 1804

At winter camp on the Wood River, the commissary wagon arrives after struggling through the frozen prairie. Several men provide assistance, and they are given whiskey along the way. Clark issues a gill to each man at the fort.

Set Maj Rumsey the Comsy arrived with Some provisions in a waggon of Mr. Todd, Seven or Eight men followd the waggon Intoxicated from the whiskey they receced of R— on the way out of the barrel which was for the Party, I ordered a Gill to each man

William Clark
Tap in an oak barrel

January 15, 1805

The Captains make navigational measurements to calibrate their instruments. They will compare their results with David Thompson's, who explored and mapped the area in 1797-8.

four Considerate men of the Minetarre Came to See us    we Smoked in the pipe, maney mands. present also, we Showed to those men who had been impressed with an unfavourable oppinion of us.

William Clark
Two Mandan braves in regalia with buffalo robes

January 15, 1806

Another rainy day Fort Clatsop near Astoria, Oregon. Lewis receives his coat made of Bobcat fur. The Captains write about Chinook weapons and their hunting methods.

Had a large coat completed out of the skins of the Tiger Cat and those also of a small animal about the size of a squirrel not known to me;
these skins I procured from the Indians who had previously dressed them and formed them into robes;
it took seven of these robes to complete the coat.

Meriwether Lewis
Either a very large cat or a very small tiger in profile