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January 14, 1804

While at their winter Camp at Wood River, Illinois, the sun shines on freshly fallen snow. The hunters catch several rabbits.

a Snow fall last night of about an Inch half    The river falling and running with Ice, a fair Sun shineing morning—    the party Caught 14 Rabits to day & 7 yesterday.    a Cold afternoon. The Mississippi, is Closed with Ice.

William Clark
Fat, tan rabbit sitting in the snow

January 14, 1805

The Missouri River is frozen, allowing both the Indians and Expedition hunters to travel on the ice. Whitehouse has frost bitten feet and can't walk back to Fort Mandan. Lewis observes an eclipse of the moon.

Sergt & 5 men went out hunting this morning to Stay out Several days. G. Shannon came in this evening and informed us that Whitehouse had his feet frost bit & could not come in without a horse    Shannon & Collins killed a buffaloe Bull a woolf and 2 porkapines & a white hair.

John Ordway
Light colored rabbit sitting in the prairie

January 14, 1806

A large pirogue goes adrift from Fort Clatsop, but it is found up a nearby creek. The Captains write about the pounded salmon trade and European trade goods. Several men are tanning elk hides and making elk jerky.

This morning the Sergt. of the Guard reported the absence of one of the large perogues, it had broken the chord by which it was attached...

Meriwether Lewis

A fine pleasant morning.

Joseph Whitehouse
Pirogue at Fort Clatsop