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January 13, 1804

While at their winter Camp at Wood River, Illinois, Clark sends letters to Lewis who has been working in Cahokia. The weather warms with rain in the evening, and Clark recovers from his illness.

Sent N Pryor with Letters &c. to Cap Lewis a[t] Kohokia    the river rise, a fall of Snow last night, the Missouris is riseing and runs with Ice    a Cloudy & warm day, I am better &c.    a fine rain in the evening.

William Clark
Quill feather and paper

January 13, 1805

Another cold day at Fort Mandan on the Missouri River opposite the Knife River Mandan villages. Charbonneau returns from a visit with the Turtle Hill Minataree with news of the fur trade and frostbite on his face.

Chaboneu informs that the Clerk of the Hudsons Bay Co. with the Me ne tar res has been Speaking Some fiew expressns. unfavourable towards us, and that it is Said the N W Co. intends building a fort at the Mene tar re's— he Saw the Grand Chief of the Big bellies who Spoke Slightly of the Americans, Saying if we would give our great flag to him he would Come to See us.

William Clark
Red British flags with company initials

January 13, 1806

All the men that could be spared are ordered to bring in the meat of the seven elk killed by Drouillard the previous day. The Captains write about the shipping trade in the Columbia river mouth coastal region.

this evening we finished all last of our Candles,
The Traders usially arrive in this quarter, in the month of april, and remain until October;

William Clark
Nearly spent creamy white candle