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January 12, 1804

While at their winter Camp at Wood River, Illinois, Clark's chimney catches fire during the night. The Mississippi River ice runs against the banks with great force, but the keelboat is safe.

my Chimney got on fire last night, a fair morning, the wind from the S West

William Clark
Chimney and roof made from cottonwood logs

January 12, 1805

Another cold day at Fort Mandan on the Missouri River opposite the Knife River Mandan villages. Four men retrieve 2 or 3 elk using a sled.

cloudy    2 of the hunters came in had killed 3 Elk    4 men Sent after the meat & got it—

John Ordway
Elk running in the snow

January 12, 1806

Another day goes by at Fort Clatsop near Astoria, Oregon. The missing Indian canoe is given up for lost and the Captains wonder how they would exist without their best hunter, George Drouillard. Meat is more carefully rationed.

they returned in the evening Drewyer haveing killed 7 Elk;
I scercely know how we Should Subsist, I believe but badly if it was not for the exertions of this excellent hunter;

William Clark
Dark red strips of raw meat