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January 11, 1804

While at their winter camp at Wood River, Illinois, Ordway and McNeal were unable to return to the fort and had spent the night outdoors. The keelboat is now floating above the river bank, and Clark's illness continues.

a fine morning, the river Still riseing, the Missouries run with fine Ice, the Boat is afloat, one man McNeal out last night, he Sepperated from the hunting party about 7 miles from this place, he returnd this evening    Sgt. Ordday was also lost all night

William Clark
Frozen Missouri River

January 11, 1805

Another cold day at Fort Mandan across from the Mandan Knife River villages. Several men hunt down the river, Black Cat visits, and Charbonneau's oldest wife is sick.

Some of our men go to See a war medison [Dance] made at the village on the opposit Side of the river

William Clark
Historic painting of a Minnetaree warrior in full regalia

January 11, 1806

Several men are dispatched to find the Indian canoe that went adrift during the night. The only thing found is the elk meat the hunters left behind the previous day.

Sent a party early this morning for the Elk which was killed on the 9th.
there is atrade continually carryed on by the natives of the river each trading some article or other with their neighbours

Meriwether Lewis
Large elk bull in profile