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January 10, 1804

While at their winter camp opposite St. Louis, Fields makes a risky crossing of the Mississippi River using floating ice. Clark suffers from the ordeal of yesterday's trip and mentions geographic information gathered from James Mackay.

at 1 oClock Joseph Fields returned, & crossed the River between the Sheets of floating Ice with Some risque, his excuse for Staying so long on the Mississippi were that the Ice run so thick in the Missourie where he was 30 miles up that there was no crossing, he Says that the people is greatly in favour of the Americans

William Clark
Large sheets of ice flowing in the river

January 10, 1805

While wintering at Fort Mandan, 7 miles ESE of Stanton, North Dakota, Clark attends to the frozen feet of Mandan boy who had stayed out all night after a day of hunting. The temperature is recorded at 40° below 0.

This morning a boy of 13 years of age Came to the fort with his feet frozed, haveing Stayed out all night without fire, with no other Covering than a Small Robe goat skin leagens & a pr. Buffalow Skin mockersons— we had his feet put in Cold water and they are Comeing too—

William Clark
Fort Mandan in winter

January 10, 1806

Clark and party travel from the Salt Works to Fort Clatsop arriving by canoe several hours after dark. Encamped outside the fort are several of Cathlamet Indians that arrived earlier in the day to trade and visit.

Shannon and Gass were found with the Salt makers and ordered to return McNeal was near being assassinated by a Killamuck Indian

Meriwether Lewis

I arrived at the Canoes about Sunset, the tides was Comeing in

William Clark
A kettle of sea water boiling over a fire