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January 8, 1804

While at their winter quarters across from St. Louis (Camp River Dubois), a French man comes in to trade onions for tins. He says one of his hogs is missing. Clark finds some of the sleep he lost the previous nights.

Send out Colter & George to the head of the Debouis R. to hunt—
a French man & his family Came to see me to day I trade with them for Onions, & gave Tin &c. This man made Complaint that he had lost a Hogg—

William Clark
Historical painting of William Clark

January 8, 1805

Today is a cold, slow day for the Expedition as they winter at Fort Mandan on the Missouri River across from the Knife River Mandan villages. Ordway visits the village.

a Cold Day    but fiew indians at the fort to day    wind from the N, W, one man at the Village

William Clark
Historical painting of a Minnataree village

January 8, 1806

Clark remarks on the views of the Pacific Ocean before reaching the beached whale. The whale had already been stripped to the bone. That evening at the Tillamook village, McNeal is threatened.

if we had unfortunately made one false Stet we Should eneviateably have fallen into the Sea and dashed against the rocks in an instant

William Clark
View of Ecola from Tillamook Head on a stormy day