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January 3, 1804

While at their winter quarters across from St. Louis (Camp River Dubois), the temperature dropped well below freezing accompanied with strong winds.

a Verry Cold blustering day    in Doneyan Co: Thermometer one oClock in the open air the mercuria fell to 21 D. below the freezing point [11° F]
all the after part of the Day the wind so high that the View up the Missouris appeared Dredfull, as the wind blew off the Sand with fury as to Almost darken that part of the atmespear    this added to agutation of the water apd. truly gloomy

William Clark
Tin lantern hanging on a log wall

January 3, 1805

A Gros Ventre comes to Fort Mandan for his wife, who had come to the fort seeking protection. Ordway hears that the buffalo are coming in towards the Missouri River near present Stanton, North Dakota.

a Gross Ventre came after his wife, who had been much abused, & come here for Protection.

William Clark
Painting of a Gros-ventre man wrapped in  buffalo robe

January 3, 1806

After a clear sunrise at Fort Clatsop, Indians bring whale blubber from a whale that beached near the Salt Works. Lewis writes about eating dogs and then describes several birds including a crow, sparrow, and wren.

The Sun rose fair this morning for the first time for Six weeks past, the Clouds Soon obscure it from our view, and a Shower of rain Suckceeded—

William Clark
Sunrise over a coastal river