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April 19, 1804

Today is a rainy day at Camp River Dubois. Clark sleeps in, the men practice shooting their arms, and business is conducted with Major Rumsey, the agent for the army rations contractor.

a rainy morning    Slept late, Thunder and lightning at 1 oClock, men Shoot at a mark, rain at 2    Setled with Majr. Rumsey &c    rain Continue

William Clark
Musket trigger and flintlock

April 19, 1805

The wind being high, the Captains decide to remain another day at their camp 13 miles SE of Williston, North Dakota. Srgt Gass explores the burned hills previously described by the Captains and finds sagebrush and petrified wood.

the Praries appear to green, the cotton trees bigin to leave, Saw some plumb bushes in full bloom, those were the plumb bushes which I have Seen for Some time.

William Clark
White Wild plum blossoms on a small branch

April 19, 1806

Using their horses and the men's backs, they carry their baggage and small canoes across the Long Narrows of the Columbia River portage. The Indians celebrate the start of the spring salmon run. One of the horses escapes on Willard's watch.

This morning early we had our small canoes drawn out, and employed all hands in transporting our baggage on their back and by means of four pack horses, over the portage. This labour we had accomplished by 3 P.M. and established our camp a little above the present Skil-lute village...

Meriwether Lewis
Historic photo of large basalt rocks in the Columbia river