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August 19, 1804

Speeches are exchanged and medals given to visiting Omaha at Fish Camp, east of Homer, Nebraska. Sergeant Floyd becomes seriously ill requiring urgent care from the Captains.

Sergt. Floyd was taken violently bad with the Beliose Cholick and is dangerously ill    we attempt in Vain to releive him, I am much concerned for his Situation—

William Clark
Men providing shade and comfort to a sick comrade

August 19, 1805

The morning is frosty. At Camp Fortunate, the men fish, hunt, and dress skins to make leggings and moccasins. Clark, Charbonneau, and Sacagawea and a group of Shoshone cross the continental divide camping at Pattee Creek in present Idaho.

the Indians with us we wer oblige to feed— one man met me with a mule & Spanish Saddle to ride, I gave him a wistoat    a mule is considered a of great value among those people    we proceeded on over a verry mountanious Countrey across the head of hollows & Springs

William Clark
Barren hills viewed from Lemhi Pass

August 19, 1806

The day is rainy and high winds force the men to delay at the Heart River. They finally leave in the late afternoon paddling 10 miles down the Missouri and camping near present Huff, North Dakota.

Jessomme the Interpreter let me have a piece of a lodge and the Squars pitched or Stretched it over Some Sticks, under this piece of leather I Slept dry, it is the only covering which I have had Suffecient to keep off the rain Since I left the Columbia

William Clark
Brain-tanned buffalo hide