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October 18, 1803

Lewis and Clark are at the Great Falls of the Ohio at Louisville, Kentucky. During this period, Lewis likely observed the ledge of rocks extending across the river and viewed the three channels cut by the Ohio River.

These rapids are occasioned by a ledge of rocks which extend quite across the river, and are hardly to be perceived by the navigator, in times of high freshes, unless by the superior velocity of the vessel he is in—

Zadok Cramer
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

October 18, 1804

The morning brings a white frost as the Expedition proceeds 13 miles up the Missouri River. They see large round rocks as they pass the mouth of the Cannon Ball River. They meet two canoes with traders who had been robbed by the Mandan.

above the mouth of this River, in and at the foot of the Bluff, and in the water is a number of round Stones, resembling Shells and Cannon balls of Different Sises, and of excellent grit for Grindstons—

William Clark
Very large round rock

October 18, 1805

The Captains complete their navigational measurements and recording of Indian words, and the Expedition heads down the Columbia in the afternoon. They reach present Wallula Gap, and camp across from Yellepit's village.

formed a Camp on the lard Side under a high hill nearly opposit to five Lodges of Indians...

William Clark
Historic photo of Twin Sisters and the Columbia River before McNary Dam flooded the area