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April 25, 1804

After five days in St. Louis, the Captains cross the Mississippi River in a pirogue. They arrive at their winter camp at night.

at ½ past 12 Set out for Camp, and arrved at night in a Perogue

William Clark
Historical reenactors in period military clothing

April 25, 1805

With water freezing on the oars, the Expedition continues up the Missouri fighting strong head winds. Lewis leads an overland party on the south bank and camps about two miles up the Yellowstone River.

I ascended the hills from whence I had a most pleasing view of the country, perticularly of the wide and fertile vallies formed by the missouri and the yellowstone rivers, which occasionally unmasked by the wood on their borders disclose their meanderings for many miles in their passage through these delightfull tracts of country.

Meriwether Lewis
Romantic painting of Rugged hills overlooking the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers

April 25, 1806

With all the baggage on horses, the Corps walks on the north shore of the Columbia River. They camp at a village of 700 Indians living in mat lodges made from Tule reeds. Two horses, which the Captains will ride, are purchased.

leve plains extend themselves from the tops of the river hills to a great distance on either side of the river
it produces a low grass on which the horses feed

Meriwether Lewis
Rolling hills of bunch grass