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December 14, 1803

Lewis is in St. Louis preparing a report on Louisiana geography and geo-politics for President Jefferson. Clark is with the men across the Mississippi cutting logs to build winter quarters on the Wood River.

Contined to Cut logs, Sent out into the neghbrhood yesterday, Som Indians passed, wind Continu to blow hard    river riseing

William Clark
Aerial photo of the confluence of the Wood, Missouri, and Mississippi rivers

December 14, 1804

At Fort Mandan, the temperature rises to zero. Clark heads out to hunt, and it begins to snow. Several Mandan visit the fort, and at one point, Ordway counts 14 Mandan eating in his hut. Gass records three inches of new snow.

a fine morning. wind from the S. E.    the murckerey Stood at '0' this morning

William Clark

The snow fell about three inches deep.

Patrick Gass
Painting of Mandan village in winter

December 14, 1805

Near the Pacific Ocean, Clark complains about the constant rain and York is sick with stomach pain and cramps. Four men are sent to guard the meat from the 17 elk shot yesterday. Others begin to plank over the meat house roof.

Scerce one man in Camp Can bost of being one day dry Since we landed at this point...

William Clark
Wet statue of Sacajawea and baby