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December 13, 1803

The day is windy as Clark sets the men to work clearing land and cutting logs to build winter quarters on the Wood River. Captain Clark's Field Notes begin on this day. Lewis is in St. Louis preparing a report on Louisiana geography.

fixed on a place to build huts    Set the men to Clearing land & Cutting Logs— a hard wind all day— flying Clouds, Sent to the neghbourhood, Some Indians pass.

William Clark
Aerial photo of the confluence of the Wood, Missouri, and Mississippi rivers

December 13, 1804

Despite the bitter cold, several men leave Fort Mandan. Buffalo meat is hauled to the fort in sleds. Ordway sends two men from his mess—an army squad that eats together—to buy corn and beans from the nearby Mandan village.

2 of my mess went up to the 1st village of the Mandans to day and bought Some corn and beans with a little paint and a fiew rings &.C.

John Ordway
Indian corn, beans, and squash

December 13, 1805

Visiting Clatsop spend the night. Clark and Lewis buy lynx and Oregon bobcat furs to make coats. At winter quarters, the first line of huts is completed and a second started. They find a tree from which roof planks can be split.

we Continue to put up the Streight butifull balsom pine on our houses-and we are much pleased to find that the timber Splits most butifully and to the width of 2 feet or more.

William Clark
Stand of Grand fir trees