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November 16, 1803

The keelboat crosses to the western shore of the Mississippi River where Lewis declines an offer to trade his dog Seaman for 3 beaver furs. Lewis is surprised at the size of a Blue catfish caught by the men and measures it in great detail.

one of the Shawnees a respectable looking Indian offered me three beverskins for my dog
of course there was no bargan

Meriwether Lewis
Life-size statue of a Newfoundland dog

November 16, 1804

Many of the men see their first hoar frost—a thick frost that covers the ground and tree branches. The men coat the Fort Mandan log walls and chinking with clay. They also raise the walls for the provision room and smokehouse.

the air verry thick with fogg from the R.

John Ordway
Foggy Missouri River in early morning

November 16, 1805

Clark's group settles in at Station Camp while Lewis' group is ahead looking for trading ships. The morning is fair, and Clark is able to see Saddle Mountain across the Columbia. Cargo is unpacked and dried. The hunters bring in fresh meat.

this morning Clear and butifull; I had all our articles of every discription examined and put out to Dry.

William Clark
Sunrise over a wide river