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May 26, 1804

Lewis issues detachment orders for the duties of each mess (group) for cooking, camping, and managing their respective boats. They travel about ten miles up the Missouri River camping near present Berger, Missouri.

when the Batteaux is under way, one Sergt. shall be stationed at the helm, one in the center on the rear of the Starboard locker, and one at the bow. The Sergt. at the helm, shall steer the boat, and see that the baggage on the quarterdeck is properly arranged and stowed away

Meriwether Lewis
Officers, seargants, and privates dressed in period uniforms on a keelboat

May 26, 1805

Lewis ascends the river hills to view the ranges known today as the Little Rocky, Bears Paw, Judith, and Highwood mountains. The boats are towed through the Missouri River Breaks camping near present Cow Creek.

The white brant ascociate in very large flocks, they do not appear to be mated or pared off as if they intended to raise their young in this quarter, I therefore doubt whether they reside here during the summer for that purpose.

William Clark

a clear pleasant morning. we Set off eairly and proceeded on with the towing line under high bluffs which make near the River on each Side & are verry Steep & barron

Joseph Whitehouse
Breaks above the Missouri River

May 26, 1806

The men finish making a dugout canoe which they will use to cross the river. Jean Baptiste is getting better. They are able to find good prices for roots at a Nez Perce village four miles up the South Fork Clearwater River.

in the afternoon we compleated our canoe and put her in the water
the river still rising fast and snows of the mountains visibly diminish

Meriwether Lewis
Clearwater River running very high