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February 19, 1804

The Expedition continues to wait for spring at their winter camp on the Wood River. In the Weather journal, Lewis records the weather, but makes no other comments about today.

day of
at Sun
weather wind Therm
at 4
weather wind r.
& f.
19 10 f NW            

William Clark
Military Sling made from red painted cloth with US emblem

February 19, 1805

The blacksmiths at Fort Mandan are busy mending and making axes to trade for Indian corn. A sled dragged by 15 men from Lewis' hunting party arrives loaded with fresh meat. Lewis and party continue hunting several miles away.

our Smiths are much engaged mending and makeing Axes for the Indians for which we get Corn

William Clark
Plain and simple Indian working axe or tomahawk

February 19, 1806

Ordway leads a party of 5 to the Salt Works and encounters high waves and blowing sand. Gass returns with elk skins from a successful hunt. The skins will be used to make covers for baggage on the return trip.

myself and Six more of the party Set out eairly to go by land to the Salt works to bring in the Salt & baggage we proced. on to the praries crossed the prarie where the land is in ridges like the waves

John Ordway
High sand dunes covered with brown grass and trees