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August 24, 1804

The Expedition passes a burning bluff now named Ionia Volcano. The also see a conic hill, today's Spirit Mound, where the Indians say small devils live. The evening camp is near present Vermillion, South Dakota.

Back about 2 miles we are informed that their is a verry high hill called The Hills of the little Devils by the natives & they amagan that it is inhabited by little people with Big heads & they are afraid to go up to them for fear they will shoot them with their Bows & arrows

John Ordway
Missouri River in flood near Ponca

August 24, 1805

Lewis trades Missouri war axes made at Fort Mandan for additional Shoshone horses. With the help of their horses and several Shoshone women, the cargo not previously cached is carried towards the pass that crosses the Rocky mountains.

as it was so late and the Indians had prepared their camp for the night I thought it best to acquiess and determined also to remain. we had traveled only about six miles. after we encamped we had a slight shower of rain. Goodrich who is our principal fisherman caught several fine trout.

Meriwether Lewis
Full moon rising over sagebrush valley

August 24, 1806

Progress down the Missouri River is slowed by wind. Clark examines the bentonite clays found in the river bluffs. Buffalo become scarce, and they find evidence of recent Sioux hunting camps. They camp near the present Cheyenne River.

at 5 P. M. we proceeded on a fiew miles and Encampd. on the gouge of the lookout bend of 20 miles around and ¾ through

William Clark
Historical photo of 40 foot high rock on the river bank