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July 11, 1804

The Expedition travels six miles up the Missouri River to the mouth of the Big Nemaha River. Clark walks on a long island where he finds a stray Indian horse and numerous grape vines. The hunters are sent up the Big Nemaha.

I joined the party on a large Sand Island imediately opposit the mouth of Ne Ma haw River, at which place they had Camped, this Island is Sand    about half of it Covered with Small Willows of two different Kinds, one Narrow & the other a Broad Leaf.

William Clark
The Sandbar willow leaves are much narrower than the Peach-leaved willow

July 11, 1805

Not having enough canoes, the men move from Upper Portage Camp to Clark's canoe camp near present near Ulm, Montana in shifts. High winds detain the first shift so that those with Lewis must wait another day to leave.

I dispatch W Bratten (who cannot work he haveing a tumer rising on his finger) to meat the Canoes & bring from them two axes, which is necessary for the work at the perogues or Canoes, and is indespenceable

William Clark
Head of an old axe designed to be carried in a belt

July 11, 1806

Lewis' group builds a bull boat and canoe from buffalo hides so they can cross the Missouri above Great Falls. Clark canoes down the Beaverhead River. At the Big Hole River, they take the iron from the canoe cached there last summer.

the morning was fair and the plains looked beatifull    the grass much improved by the late rain.
we set out early.

Meriwether Lewis
Wide Montana prairie shining gold in the early morning