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January 18, 1804

Winter camp on the Wood River across from St. Louis, Missouri. Very little is written in the journals on this day. The temperature dips below 0° and it snows.

a Cloudy morning with moderate breaze from the N W. b W The river run with Ice, at 8 oClock the Thromtr. Stood at 1° below 0,—
at 11 oClock rose to 4° above 0, and beg[an] to Snow

William Clark
Large mound or small hill covered in snow

January 18, 1805

Franç-Antoine Larocque and Charles McKenzie, traders from the North West Company, visit Fort Mandan. They explain that the 'Brarow' that the hunters brought in is Badger.

Two men belonging to the N. W. company, who stay at the Grossventers village, came to the fort. They say this animal which the French call a prarow, or brarow, is a species of the badger.

Patrick Gass
Large rodent with black and white striped face

January 18, 1806

Another rainy day at Fort Clatsop near Astoria, Oregon. Several men are dressing elk hides and the Captains detail Chinook plankhouse construction.

The Clatsops Chinnooks &c construct their houses of timber altogether. They are from 14 to 20 feet wide and from 20 to 60 feet in length, and acommodate one or more families sometimes three or four families reside in the same room.

Meriwether Lewis
Large modern plank house made in the traditional way