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July 25, 1804

Unable to find the Oto and invite them to a council, Drouillard and Cruzatte return to Camp White Catfish across the Missouri from present Bellevue, Nebraska. Lewis records more astronomical measurements.

at 2 oClock Drewyer & Peter returned from the Otteaus Village; and informs that no Indians were at their towns, They Saw Some fresh Signs of a Small party but Could not find them.

William Clark
Teepee poles against a blue sky

July 25, 1805

Lewis continues up the Missouri River which is becoming increasingly shallow and rocky. Ahead, Clark arrives at the Three Forks of the Missouri. He takes the right-most fork camping near present Willow Creek. His feet continue to hurt.

middle fork is quit as large about 90 yds. wide. The South fork is about 70 yds wide & falls in about 400 yards below the midle fork.

William Clark
Small river winding around rock cliffs

July 25, 1806

On the Marias River, Lewis waits one last day for the weather to clear. Near the Yellowstone, Pryor is herding the horses towards Fort Mandan. Clark stops at Pompey's Pillar. Gass and Ordway continue hauling canoes to Lower Portage Camp.

on the Northerly Side of the river high romantic Clifts approach & jut over the water for Some distance both above and below.

William Clark
Cliffs on the north shore of the Yellowstone River