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April 18, 1804

Lewis returns from St. Louis to the winter camp across the Mississippi River. Clark observes that the plants are growing very quickly.

a fair morning.    Newmon Killed a Black Lune    Vegetation appears to be Suppriseingly rapid for a fiew days past, R F Killed a muskrat.

William Clark
Rodent with a long tail swimming in a pond

April 18, 1805

As the Missouri River turns south, the Expedition is delayed by a strong head wind. They travel only 13 miles camping in present Williams county, North Dakota. Two men dispute the ownership of a single beaver caught in both of their traps.

I walked with them on the bank; found a species of pea bearing a yellow flower, and now in blume; it seldom rises more than 6 inches high, the leaf & stalk resembles that of the common gardin pea, the root is pirenial.

Meriwether Lewis
Short plant with bright, yellow flowers

April 18, 1806

Lewis' party joins Clark at the Long Narrows. Lewis trades a kettle for a horse. Clark treats an Indian chief and the sore back of his wife, and is then able to trade for two more horses. Two large canoes are cut up for firewood.

the long narrows are much more formidable than they were when we decended them last fall there would be no possibility of passind either up or down them in any vessel.—
we determined to make the portage to the head of the long narrows with our baggage and five small canoes.
the 2 perogues we could take no further and therefore cut them up for fuel.

Meriwether Lewis
Historic photo of the Columbia River, narrow channel with basalt rocks on either side