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January 28, 1804

Clark receives several different visitors at Camp River Dubois. Rev. David Badgley trades potatoes and game birds, Mr. Cummings brings corn meal and brandy, and Mr. Coxe inquires about his horses. The porter (ale) freezes.

Mr. Bagley Came with Potatos fowls &—    I trade him    Mr. Cummins Came with meel & Brandy from Contractor    at 2 oClock 18° abov 0, the Mr. Anty Coxe called toDay to inqure after his horses

William Clark
Keg and large cup of corn meal

January 28, 1805

Clark describes the Indian war axes that the Fort Mandan blacksmiths are making. Even with large pry bars, the men are unable to loosen the boats from the Missouri river ice.

Several Indians here wishing to get war hatchets made [here a drawing] this shape

William Clark
Tomahawk on a buffalo robe

January 28, 1806

Only three of the elk shot previously are found due to the recent snows. Howard and Werner bring some salt to Fort Clatsop. Today's Lewis and Clark River was named Netul after the Clatsop name for that river.

the river on which Fort Clatsop stands we now call Ne-tul, this being the name by which the Clatsops call it.

Meriwether Lewis
Blue sky and sunset on a coastal river in January