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March 28, 1804

Lewis leaves St. Louis arriving at Camp Dubois in the afternoon. All the men are busy preparing for the day will depart on their voyage across the continent.

a Cloudy morning, all hands at work prepareing for the voyage up the Missourie. Cap Louis arrived at 4 oClock from St Louis

William Clark
Mandan digging tool made from bone

March 28, 1805

The men continue final preparations to leave Fort Mandan. The Indians collect floating buffalo that died trying to cross the frozen river during the winter. Clark suspects a large ice dam has formed up the river.

but few Indians visit us to day    they are watching to catch the floating Buffalow which brake through the ice in Crossing, those people are fond of those animals ta[i]nted and Catch great numbers every Spring

William Clark
Two dugout canoes, one full of water

March 28, 1806

The Expedition paddles only a few miles so that they can hunt on Deer Island. Lewis compares the Columbian black-tailed and white-tailed deer. They encounter hundreds of snakes and Lewis describes a new species, the ring-necked duck.

the Indians call this large Island E-lal-lar or deer island
these birds had devoured 4 deer in the course of a few hours.

Meriwether Lewis
large black bird with red head