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November 18, 1803

The Captains take a canoe across the Mississippi to view the site of old Fort Jefferson built in 1780 by Clark's older brother, George Rogers Clark. They also discover several men have sneaked from camp to drink at a nearby trading post.

found a number of our men who had left camp contrary to instructions & drunk, had much difficulty

Meriwether Lewis
Bottom of a metal tankard with beer suds spilled on the side

November 18, 1804

Mandan Chief Black Cat visits Fort Mandan. He explains why the Indians are suspicious of the Expedition's promise to establish trade first and later provide guns. The smokehouse is covered with earth because planking can no longer be found.

we raised the roof of the meat & Smoak house bringing it up with Timber cross drawing in, So as to answer with chinking & dobbing & covering with earth & ashes for the covering without plank, as it is Troublesom to Git any more than to cover our huts.

John Ordway
Small rooms at the back of Fort Mandan

November 18, 1805

Clark leads a large group of men by land around present Baker Bay near the mouth of the Columbia River. They climb a high rock, present McKenzie Head, to view the ocean. Lewis, Sacajawea, and others remain at Station Camp.

Cloudy. Capt. Clark myself and 10 more of the party   Set out in order to go down and see the passiffic ocean. we proceeded on round Hailys bay   crossed two Rivers in Sd. bay.

John Ordway
Boggy sea grass on a coastal bay