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September 24, 1803

Lewis continues down the Ohio River between present Ohio and Kentucky. Near this date, he passed Salt Lick Creek and the town of Vanceburg, Kentucky.

Just above and on this creek, is a little town called VANCEVILLE, where considerable salt-works are carried on, and salt made of a good quality.

Zadok Cramer
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

September 24, 1804

Colter reports that some Teton Sioux stole their last horse. Later, the Captains meet with Buffalo Medicine. Without Dorion present, translation is difficult. They demand the return of the horse and say they will meet in council tomorrow.

The Tribes of the Scouix Called the Teton, is Camped about 2 miles up on the N W Side and we Shall Call the River after that nation, Teton    This river is 70 yards wide at the mouth of water, and has a considerable Current    we anchored off the mouth—

William Clark
Historic painting of Fort Pierre

September 24, 1805

The Expedition moves down to the Clearwater River near present Orofino, Idaho. The day is hot, and several men are so sick they must lie on the side of the trail. Lewis can barely ride a horse. The hunters kill 4 deer.

The land on both sides of this fork is hilly, and is thinly covered with Pine Trees, but none of them large enough to make Canoes

Joseph Whitehouse
Clearwater River with steep hills and small pine trees

September 24, 1806

In St. Louis, Lewis writes a letter to President Jefferson. Clark writes a letter to the Indiana Territory governor. He also copies a letter, written by Lewis, which becomes the Expedition's first published report.

I sleped but little last night    however we rose early and Commencd wrighting our letters    Capt. Lewis wrote one to the presidend and I wrote Govr. Harrison & my friends in Kentucky

William Clark
1800's western frontier mansion