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May 28, 1804

Clark inspects the white pirogue's load and finds many items are wet. The Expedition remains near the mouth of the Gasconade River in present Missouri state to dry cargo and hunt.

onloaded the large Perogue on board of which was 8 french hands    found many things wet by their cearlenessness, put all the articles which was wet out to Dry—

William Clark
Assortment of Indian and fur trade items

May 28, 1805

The Expedition continues towing and poling the canoes against an increasingly dangerous Missouri River current. They find an Indian foot ball floating down the river. They camp near the Judith River.

here the hills recede from the river on both sides, the bottoms extensive particularly on the Stard. side where the hills are comparitively low and open into three large vallies which extend for a considerable distance in a Northwardly direction; here also the river spreads to more than 3 times it's former width and is filled with a number of small and handsome Islands covered with cottonwood some timber also in the bottoms, the land again fertile. These appearances were quite reviving after the drairy country through which we had been passing.

Meriwether Lewis
Wide Missouri River valley seen from the air

May 28, 1806

Goodrich trades for mountain goat hair to make saddle pads. Ordway is crossing the Camas Prairie to reach the Salmon River. Jean-Baptiste's and the old Chief's health continue to improve. The hunters find a safe crossing to Weippe prairie.

we Set out eairly the old chief and an other Indn went with us.    we rode on a plain about 2 hours then left the road and bore South thro an unlevel timbred country untill towards evening. Saw Several big horn animel or mountain Sheep and Saw 14 deer in this timbred country    Some Spots of Snow & falling timber.

John Ordway
Overlooking the Snake River canyon