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December 12, 1803

Clark takes the keelboat past Florissant village, now a suburb of St. Louis, and then arrives at the Riviére á Dubois just below the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Lewis is in St. Louis collecting data.

The hunders which I had sent out to examine the Countrey in Deferent derections, returned with Turkeys & opossoms and informed me the Countrey was butifull and had great appearance of Gaim.

William Clark
Large male wild turkey in profile

December 12, 1804

Ordway notes that despite the fire, the Fort Mandan guard chimney is white with frost. It is too cold to hunt. Sergeant Gass makes small sleds to haul buffalo meat. Clark uses lynx fur to line his gloves and make a hat.

I line my Gloves and have a cap made of the Skin of the Louservia (Lynx) (or wild Cat of the North) the fur near 3 inches long

William Clark
Very furry Canada lynx sitting in the snow

December 12, 1805

Fleas keep Clark awake much of the night. In the morning, work continues erecting winter quarters. Chief Coboway brings two canoes of Clatsop who trade wapato and the root of the edible thistle. They ask for blue and white beads.

All hands that are well employ'd in Cutting logs and raising our winter Cabins, detached two men to Split boards—

William Clark
Log cabin wall