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February 21, 1804

The expedition continues to wait for spring at their winter camp on the Wood River. Clark records the weather and notices the river begins to rise in the evening.

in the evening the river began to rise ½ Inc

William Clark
Buffalo horns made to hold gunpowder

February 21, 1805

Sergeant Gass reports the first rain at Fort Mandan since November. Sergeant Ordway has a hard day hauling meat by sled on the melting river ice. Lewis returns to the Fort, and Clark describes the Mandan Medicine Stone.

the Snow and Ice thoughed on the River considerable So that it was wet & Slopy halling the Sled. we pushed on and arived at the Fort before Sunset with all our meat and Skins &.C. the men generally fatigued halling a heavy load 21 miles on the hard Ice & Snow in places which made the Sleds run hard except where the Ice was Smoth under—

John Ordway
Frozen Missouri river near modern Garrison Dam

February 21, 1806

Ordway and the salt makers return to Fort Clatsop wet and tired from the trip. Clark estimates their stock of salt at 20 gallons, 12 gallons of which will be used on the return trip. Lewis describes the Oregon bobcat, fisher, and fox.

our stock of salt is now about 20 Gallons; 12 gallons of which we secured in 2 small iron bound kegs and laid by for our voyage.

Meriwether Lewis
Small oak keg with black metal bands