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April 3, 1804

The Captains send a letter to traders in Prairie du Chien with news of the Louisiana transfer to the United States. Lewis leaves Camp River Dubois to go to St. Louis. The men continue packing food stores in barrels.

I have meal mad & the flour Packed & repacked, also Some porkie packed in barrels

William Clark
Keg and large cup of corn meal

April 3, 1805

At Fort Mandan, the day is spent packing. The Captains inventory the Indian items and specimens that will leave with the keelboat on their way to President Jefferson.

we are all day ingaged packing up Sundery articles to be Sent to the President of the U. S.
1 Buffalow robe painted by a mandan man representing a battle fought 8 years Since by the Sioux & Ricaras against the mandans, menitarras & Ah wah har ways (Mandans &c. on horseback

William Clark
White buffalo robe with various Indian fight scenes

April 3, 1806

The expedition is hunting and exploring the Columbia River valley around present Portland, Oregon. Clark finds that the Willamette River is at least 5 fathoms deep. He learns more about the Indians living in the Willamette valley.

Capt Lewis fired his Air gun which astonished them in Such a manner that they were orderly and kept at a proper distance dureing the time they Continued with him

William Clark
Old rifle with a large, metal stock that holds the air