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January 22, 1804

Another cold and snowy day at winter camp on the Wood River. The Mississippi River is nearly clear of ice.

Snow all the last night, and Snows this morning, the debth is 5 3/4 Inches, The Thermometer Stands at 9 oClock this morning in the Open Air at 11° abov 0,—, at 12 oClock rose to 14— abov 0, and Stoped Snowing

William Clark
Bunk, round hat, and table in a log room

January 22, 1805

While wintering at Fort Mandan (7 miles ESE of Stanton, North Dakota), the men begin to cut the ice away from the keelboat and pirogues.

all hands Employed at cutting away the Ice from round the Barge & pearogues. they Soon cut through the Ice in places. the water Gushed over where they had cut so they had to quit cutting with axes.

John Ordway
Winter scene of a log fort

January 22, 1806

For 15 men retrieving hunted elk, today is a "hard and disagreeable" day in the Fort Clatsop area. The salt has run out and the elk are "poor." The Captains describe how the root of the Western bracken fern is prepared and eaten.

There are three species of fern in this neighbourhood the root one of which the natves eat
the top is annual and is of course dead at present.—

William Clark
Dying fern with delicate branches