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September 23, 1803

Lewis continues down the Ohio River between present Ohio and Kentucky. Near this date, he passed the Little and Big Scioto rivers.

Big Scioto river, This is a considerable river of Ohio state, running through a very rich body of land, and is navigable for batteaux near 200 miles; it opens a communication with Sandusky river by a portage of 4 miles

Zadok Cramer
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

September 23, 1804

The boats continue 20 miles. Three Sioux boys swim the river and say they set signal fires to tell their villages near present Pierre, South Dakota, that the Expedition is coming. The Captains ask them to invite their chiefs to council.

Soon after we landed three Soues boys Swam across to us, those boys informed us that a Band of Sieux called the Tetons of 80 Lodges wer Camped near the mouth of the next River, and 60 Lodges more a Short distance above them, they had that day Set the praries on fire to let those Camps Know of our approach— we gave those boys two twists of Tobacco to carry to their Chiefs & Warriors to Smoke, with derections to tell them that we wished to Speak to them tomorrow, at the mouth of the next river

William Clark
Historic painting of Indians and a burning plain

September 23, 1805

At Weippe prairie, a council is held with the Nez Perce and the message of peace and understanding is well received. The men begin to trade for food and elk leather to make new shirts. The Nez Perce women collect and dry camas roots.

the men trade a few old tin Canisters for dressed Elk Skin to make themselves Shirts,
The twisted hare envited Capt Lewis & myself to his lodge

William Clark
Statue of Clark, Lewis and Walamottinin (Chief Twisted Hair)

September 23, 1806

At St. Louis, the final destination of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the men fire a salute. The gathered citizens return 3 huzzahs! The boats are unloaded, and the men look for rooms where they will wait for their pay before heading home.

we payed a friendly visit to <Mes. Choteau and> Mr <Ogustus> August Chotau and Some of our old friends this evening.

William Clark
Historic painting of early frontier gentleman