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February 20, 1804

Detachment orders are issued providing guidelines on how the camp should be run. Sergeant Ordway is given the responsibility to see that these orders are carried out.

The Commanding officer directs that during the absence of himself and Capt. Clark from Camp, that the party shall consider themselves under the immediate command of Sergt. Ordway, who will be held accountable for the good poliece and order of the camp during that period, and will also see the susequent parts of this order carried into effect—

Meriwether Lewis
Period dinnerware on a wood table

February 20, 1805

Ordway, who is with Lewis' hunting party, writes that they are moving north towards Fort Mandan. They camp near present-day Painted Woods Lake. At the fort, Little Raven tells Clark about the burial of a very old Mandan Indian.

I am informed of the Death of an old man whome I Saw in the Mandan Village. this man, informed me that he "was 120 winters old, he requested his grand Children to Dress him after Death & Set him on a Stone on a hill with his face towards his old Village or Down the river, that he might go Streight to his brother at their old village under ground

William Clark
Mandan relgious shrine with buffalo and human skulls

February 20, 1806

The captains inventory the sick men. A large party of Chinook Indians led by Chief Tahcum visit Fort Clatsop. Ordway's party continues into a cutting wind blowing from the south to arrive at the Salt Works about noon.

Permited Collins to hunt this morning   he returned in the evening unsuccessfull as to the chase but brought with him some cranberries for the sick.
This forenoon we were visited by Tâh-cum a principal Chief of the Chinnooks and 25 men of his nation.

Meriwether Lewis
numerous small red berries on a low bush