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October 17, 1803

Lewis and Clark are at the Great Falls of the Ohio at Louisville, Kentucky. During this period, Lewis and Clark likely collaborated and extended Lewis' plans to carry out President Jefferson's instructions.

Louisville is a port of entry, in lat. 38. 8. N.

Zadok Cramer
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

October 17, 1804

The boats make only six miles before the winds stop all progress near present Cannon Ball, North Dakota. Clark walks the shore and with the help of an interpreter, the Arikara chief traveling with them tells him many stories.

Set out early    a fine morning the wind from the N W.

William Clark
Large sandbar in the Missouri River at sunrise

October 17, 1805

Clark explores the Columbia River reaching the mouth of the Yakima River. Lewis records the vocabulary of the Indians living at the Snake and Columbia River confluence at present Sacajawea State Park.

an Indian Showed me the mouth of the river which falls in below a high hill on the Lard. N. 80° W. 8 miles from the Island. The river bending Lard.— This river is remarkably Clear and Crouded with Salmon in maney places

William Clark
Small river delta on a misty Fall morning