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Winter Camp, Wood River, Illinois

Empty bunk beds in a log cabina hard frosty morning.
I Detain the waggon to haul logs for my building
hauled Logs to day with the Comosaries Teem    men move into ther huts this eveninge.
William Clark


Fort Mandan near Washburn, ND

Fort Mandan pickets and flaga moderate day, the Thermometr 37° above 0, which givs an oppertunity of putting up our pickets next the river, nothing remarkable took place to Day
William Clark


Fort Clatsop near Astoria, OR

Blue trade beads and three fish hooks3 Indians came with Lickorish Sackacomie berries & mats to Sell,
they prise only Blue & white beeds, files fish hooks and Tobacco—Tobacco and Blue beeds principally
William Clark