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June 26, 1804

The Expedition sets out early and passes the Blue River in present Kansas City, Missouri. At the mouth of the Kansas River, the tow rope breaks. They manage to row the keelboat to the shore and encamp.

passed a bad Sand bar, where our tow rope broke twice, & with great exertions we rowed round it and Came to & Camped in the Point above the Kansas

William Clark
Painting of men towing a large keelboat up the Missouri River

June 26, 1805

The blunderbuss, food, specimens, and other goods are cached at the beginning of the portage near present Belt Creek. Two more canoes are hauled to Upper Portage Camp where Clark has prepared a dinner with suet dumplings.

The party set out very early from this place, and took with them two canoes and a second alotment of baggage consisting of Parched meal, Pork, powder lead axes, tools, bisquit, portable soupe, some merchandize and cloathing.

Meriwether Lewis
Morning light on a large creek and Missouri River rapids

June 26, 1806

The Expedition travels the trail above Hungery Creek. They then climb up to their cached cargo where the snow banks are 7 feet in depth. They continue to the top of the Bitterroot divide and follow the ridgeline to present Bald mountain.

there is a great abundance of Species of bear grass which grows on every part of those Mountains, its growth is luxurient and continues green all winter but the horses will not eate it.

William Clark
White bear grass tops in a mountain meadow