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November 17, 1803

High winds fill the beached canoes with water near present Cairo, Illinois. Lewis describes the banks of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.

the canoes were driven by the violence of the waves against the shore and filled with water I therefore thought myself fortunate in having had them unladen on my arrival,—

Meriwether Lewis
Small canoe carved from a log and filled with water

November 17, 1804

After working late several of the past nights, the men finally move into their unfinished Fort Mandan cabins. The pirogue loaded with meat is still down the river, but one of the hunters brings in meat from a fat elk.

we have worked Several evenings back to make our Sevels comfotable. the party all moved in to the huts

John Ordway
Interior of a Fort Mandan room

November 17, 1805

Lewis returns to Station Camp near present McGowan, Washington without finding any traders or ships. Several Chinook visit with 'presents' of wapato and seashore lupine roots. Clark assembles a group to explore the Pacific beach.

We had a fine pleasant clear morning, and 6 hunters went out. About noon they all came in; but the hunter who remained out last night, did not return. He had killed 2 deer, and the other men brought them in with some brants and a deer they had killed.

Patrick Gass
Sunlight on a coastal meadow