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July 19, 1804

Clark enjoys a breakfast of roasted deer ribs and coffee. Midday, the Expedition runs out of butter. The boats encounter numerous sand bars as they wind up the Missouri River near present Nebraska City.

Came Suddenly into an open and bound less Prarie, I Say bound less because I could not See the extent of the plain in any Derection, the timber appeared to be confined to the River Creeks & Small branches, this Prarie was Covered with grass about 18 Inches or 2 feat high and contained little of any thing else

William Clark
Rolling hills and short-grass prairie

July 19, 1805

The boats paddle through the Gates of the Rockies, a narrow canyon with tall rocks and cliffs rising from the Missouri River water. Clark encounters Prickly pear thorns and mosquitoes as he scouts ahead in search of the Shoshone.

the river appears to have forced it's way through this immence body of solid rock for the distance of 5¾ miles and where it makes it's exit below has thrown on either side vast collumns of rocks mountains high.

Meriwether Lewis
Blue water reflecting rock cliffs

July 19, 1806

Lewis heads west up the Marias River. On the Yellowstone River, Clark finds large timber and sets up a canoe making camp near present Park City, Montana. Ordway arrives with the canoes at Upper Portage Camp.

we set out, ascended the river hills having passed the river and proceeded through the open plains up the N. side of the river 20 miles and encamped.

Meriwether Lewis
River cutting through wide open prairie