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December 11, 1803

The day is rainy as Clark moves the keelboat past St. Louis. Leaving the keelboat near an island, he crosses the Mississippi where Lewis is gathering information for a report to President Jefferson.

crossed the river to St. Louis, Capt Lewis detain for to acquire information of the Countrey and to prepare Despatchs to the Government by the next mail.

William Clark
Large mound with a cabin on top

December 11, 1804

The wind blows as the thermometer drops to 21° below 0. The Captains decide it is too cold to hunt. Men are sent gather the meat, but it is too cold to butcher them. The hunters return to Fort Mandan. Several suffer from frostbite.

Sent out three horses for meat & with Derections for all the hunters to return to the fort as Soon as possible    at 1 oClock the horses returned loaded   at night all the hunters returned, Several a little frosted

William Clark
Indian saddle with trade blankets and buffalo hide saddle blanket

December 11, 1805

The men begin raising their huts at what they would later name Fort Clatsop southwest of present Astoria, Oregon. Pryor has a dislocated shoulder, one man suffers from tumors, another has dysentery, and another has a strained knee.

Serjt. Pryor unwell from haveing his Sholder out of place

William Clark

we began raiseing one line of our huts.

John Ordway
Fort Clatsop log wall