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May 25, 1804

The Expedition travels about 10 miles reaching the last white settlement on the Missouri, La Charrette (present Marthasville, Missouri). The villagers provide milk and eggs.

towards evening we arrived at a French Village called Saint Johns or Charette on the North side of the River. this small Village, is the last settlement of white people on this River; we encamped near it—

Joseph Whitehouse
Sunset light on a 15-stripe flag and canvas tent

May 25, 1805

The Expedition enters the Missouri River Breaks camping near present Power Plant Road in Montana. They collect their first bighorn sheep which Lewis describes in detail. Clark ascends the river hills and sees several mountain ranges.

The hills here are very high and steep. One of our men in an attempt to climb one had his shoulder dislocated; it was however replaced without much difficulty. These hills are very much washed in general: they appear like great heaps of clay, washing away with every shower; with scarcely any herbs or grass on any of them.

Patrick Gass
Steep hills on the Missouri River

May 25, 1806

The Expedition continues at Camp Choppunish waiting for mountain snow to melt. The salmon begin to run in the Clearwater just as game becomes scarce. Jean Baptiste is still sick, and an attempt is made to treat the old Indian chief.

I caused a Swet to be prepared for the Indn. in the Same hole which bratten had been Sweeten
we attempted to swet the sick indian but could not Suckceed.

William Clark
Replica of Nez Perce sweat lodge