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March 24, 1804

Clark sends letters to Cahokia and to Lewis who is across the Mississippi River at St. Louis. The river continues to rise quickly the past several days.

I sent Newman with Letters to Koho. & to Cap Lewis at St. Louis, fair weather    river rise fast

William Clark
Painting of a decorated pipe with tassles on one end

March 24, 1805

Final preparations to leave Fort Mandan begin. Cages are made for the live magpies, a prairie dog, and a sharp-tailed grouse which will be sent back to President Jefferson.

two men making cages for the Magpyes and the prarie hens which is to be Sent down the River.

John Ordway
Bird inside a cage made from sticks and wood strips

March 24, 1806

From camp on the John Day River, 15 men are sent to get the elk shot by yesterday's hunters. In the afternoon, the Expedition continues up the Columbia River. One Indian puts them in the right channel and another claims his stolen canoe.

The village of these people is the dirtiest and stinkingest place I ever saw
we proceeded on through some difficult and narrow channels. made 16 miles.

William Clark
Three coastal Indians and a baby in a mat shelter