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August 9, 1804

After waiting for the fog to clear, the Expedition sets out a 7:30 in the morning. Floyd hunts ahead of the boats in old oxbow channel full of ponds and islands. At camp near present Onawa, Iowa, they find the mosquitoes very troublesome.

The fog of this morning detained us untill ½ passed 7 oClock at which time we left our moreing and proceeded on under a gentle Breeze from the S. E.

William Clark
Large wood boat with canvas awning

August 9, 1805

The Expedition splits into two parties. Because of his inflamed ankle, Clark remains with the canoes and camps near Beaverhead rock, a landmark named by the Indians. Lewis is further ahead near present Dillon, Montana.

I directed my course across the bottom to the Stard. plain led left the beaver's head about 2 miles to my left and interscepted the river about 8 miles from the point at which I had left it; I then waded it and continued my rout to the point where I could observe that entered the mountain, but not being able to reach that place, changed no direction to the river which I struck some miles below the mountain and encamped for the evening having traveled 16 M.

Meriwether Lewis
Large rock and prairie in early morning light

August 9, 1806

Near present Williston, North Dakota, Lewis continues to search for signs of Clark not knowing if he is ahead or behind. The men make new clothes from hides. Clark moves six miles down river camping near Tobacco Garden Creek.

the men were all engaged dressing skins and making themselves cloathes except R & J. Fields whom I sent this morning over the river with orders to proceed to the entrance of the White earth river in surch of Capt. C.

Meriwether Lewis
Soft elk hide