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January 24, 1804

Clark records a beautiful morning at their winter camp on the Wood River in present day Illinois. At the 9:00am, the temperature is 4° above 0.

a Butifull morning    Clear Sunshine    the wids ligh from the N W, the Thermometer at 9 oClock Stood at 4° abo 0
Sick, to day

William Clark
Large mound or small hill covered in snow

January 24, 1805

The supply of charcoal at Fort Mandan runs out, and 5 men are employed cutting wood to make more. Clark reports that the interpreters appear to understand each other better.

colder this morning than it has ben for Several days past. in the afternoon five men employed cutting coal wood as our coal was jest Gone.

John Ordway
Small black chunks of charcoal

January 24, 1806

Drouillard and LePage barter with Indians to help them bring in the spoils of their hunt. They are impressed by Lewis's air rifle and are allowed to spend the cold and snowy night inside the fort. (Fort Clatsop near Astoria, Oregon)

the most valuable of their roots is foreign to this neighbourhood
I mean the Wappetoe, or the bulb of the Sagitifolia or common arrow head, which grows in great abundance in the marshey grounds of that beatifull and firtile valley on the Columbia commencing just above the entrance of Quicksand River, and extending downwards for about 70 Miles.
this bulb forms a principal article of traffic between the inhabitants of the valley and those of this neighbourhood or sea coast.

Meriwether Lewis
Round bulbs that appear similar in size and shape to a medium-sized onion