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October 24, 1803

Lewis and Clark are at the Great Falls of the Ohio at Louisville, Kentucky. They will soon be leaving for Fort Massac where they expect to add several men recruited from the army.

At this place a canal is in contemplation to be cut: This will completely remove that great impediment to the navigation of the Ohio, and render complete and sage the passage of boats in almost all seasons of the year.

Zadok Cramer
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

October 24, 1804

The morning brings a little snow as the Expedition makes seven miles up the Missouri reaching the Mandan villages near present Washburn, North Dakota. The Captains, the Arikara chief, and a Mandan chief meet with ceremony and smoking.

passed a Bottom on N. S. covered with fine Timber Such as oak & large cottonwood &.C

John Ordway
Grass and Cottonwood trees in Missouri River bottom

October 24, 1805

The Expedition moves a few miles down the Columbia to a Wishram village at the beginning of the Long Narrows. Clark scouts the rapids and returns to find Lewis engaged with the Chief. Cruzatte plays the fiddle and the men dance.

It may be proper here to remark that from Some obstruction below, the cause of which we have not yet learned, the water in high fluds (which are in the Spring) rise below these falls nearly to a leavel with the water above the falls; the marks of which can be plainly trac'd around the falls

William Clark
Large alluvial plain of sand